La via dei Palazzi

The itinerary known as the “Via dei Palazzi” winds along the ancient path of the via Valeriana, which crossed Sondrio along via Longoni, via Angelo Custode and via Lavizzari, finally arriving in Piazza Quadrivio. Along this route visitors can admire the houses of the old nobility, with their baroque portals, wrought iron balconies and vaulted entrance halls.

In Piazzetta Carbonera stands the palazzo of the same name, a characteristic Renaissance residence. In Via Romegialli one can admire the former Casa Romegialli, Casa Rajna, a fresco by Pietro Ligari entitled “the Incoronation of the Virgin” (at the height of the intersection with Via Baiacca) and the figures of Saints Gervasio and Protasio (near the bridge over the Mallero torrent).

Crossing over the bridge, which was rebuilt as a drawbridge following the 1987 flood, and then crossing Piazza Cavour as well, one comes to the small piazza Angelo Custode [Guardian Angel], site of the church of the same name and of Palazzo Marlianici and Palazzo Longoni. The piazza is the point of departure of the picturesque lane named for San Siro, along which lie Casa Carbonera (which currently serves as the oratory of the church of the Guardian Angel), which vaunts an impressive spiral staircase built in the 18th century, and Palazzo Sassi de’ Lavizzari.


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Piazza Cavour
Via Lavizzari
via Longoni
Piazza Quadrivio



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