The city

The city

Set in the heart of the Alps, Sondrio is a little jewel, made of wood, water and stone, waiting to be discovered and rediscovered again and again.

A heart rich with unexpected loveliness, immersed in a breathtaking landscape.
The historic city center leaves its mark on the visitor with its winding alleys and courtyards, the aristocratic palazzos and the country-style houses.
As one walks along the old and the new streets, one finds Renaissance frescoes of Orlando Furioso, characteristic wooden stŁe from the fifteen and sixteen hundreds, neoclassical and art nouveau buildings and contemporary sculpture.

Two museums, the precious MVSA and the brand new CAST, reveal, with different lexicons, the city and its surroundings, the local culture and traditions, its history and its stories.

And all around, a landscape you embrace with a look and inhale deeply, a land to experience, in its beautiful complexity, in its biodiversity. A welcoming landscape, unique and pulsating, brilliant, whose colors change with the seasons.

East-West, North-South: everything intersects in these places that have always been a crossroads. The river Adda, that winds sinuously, flanked by the Sentiero Valtellina trail, and the Mallero torrent, its tributary, whose story is inextricably entwined, for better or for worse, with that of the city itself.
Routes and trails that climb up steeply, soon yielding panoramas of the neighboring valleys and, midway up the Soliva slope, the paths leading to the terraced vineyards and the winemaking land, which tell a spectacular story of ancient ingeniousness and unflagging effort to the informed onlooker.