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CAST – il CAstello delle STorie di montagna at Castello Masegra

Sondrio opens its doors to Alpine culture and becomes a prime promoter.


With CAST, the ‘storytelling museum’ opened inside the walls of Castello Masegra, a new chapter opens for the historic Valtellina site, which takes its rightful place in an artistic and cultural itinerary firmly rooted in the local territory, including events, exhibits and conferences.

At the heart of the initiative is the promotion of mountain culture, as told through the 3As that best characterize it: the A of ARRAMPICATA (CLIMBING), the A of ALPINISMO (ALPINISM) and the A of AMBIENTE (ENVIRONMENT).

A walk-through multimedia installation features videos, immersive devices, images and narrations, one after the other in the three levels of the museum’s circuit, offering visitors an engaging interactive experience.

Alpine culture and technology go hand in hand, making CAST a genuine ‘storytelling’ center, or in other words the CAstello delle STorie, (CAstle of STories) where visitors can discover new ways to enjoy and appreciate the mountains.
There will also be visits to Castello Masegra, illustrating the story of Sondrio’s historic fortress.


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Presso Castel Masegra - Via De' Capitani di Masegra - Sondrio
Opening time

Apertura il 6 ottobre 2019.
Dal giovedì alla domenica dalle ore 10:00 alle ore 18:00


Accessibile in sedia a rotelle.
Alle auto adibite al trasporto disabili sarà possibile accedere al cortile del  castello previo contatto e prenotazione.

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