Quadrivio Square

Piazza Quadrivio takes its name from its original function, as the place where wagons and carts passed through and stopped (from “Carravium”, and later “Carrobbio”) after entering the town from the eastern gate, “Ponta de Prada”.

The small, ancient square lay between the area inhabited by the nobility (the “Via dei Palazzi”) and the commoners’ quarter of Scarpatetti. On the south side stands Palazzo Sertoli, a baroque building, on whose main floor is the sumptuous ballroom, the Salone dei Balli, with its spectacular frescoes and perspective views, attributed to Giovan Antonio Torricelli.

The palazzo’s gardens house an impressive collection of contemporary sculptures. Slightly off center, in the piazza, stands a beautiful fountain, built in 1820, with a monolithic circular basin.

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Piazza Quadrivio - Sondrio


Not to be missed

A visit to the Palazzo Sertoli's suggestive dance hall in rococo style

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