Carbonera StŁa

The stŁa was the heart of the traditional home, whether rich or poor.

It was entirely paneled in wood and warmed by a stove, usually in delft ceramic tiles, stoked from the outside. The wood burned was usually Swiss pine or stone pine, which is resistant to temperature changes, emits a pleasant balsamic odor and is highly resistant to wood borers.
Unfortunately, stŁas were considered furniture, and so were often disassembled, sold or moved to other locations, or even broken apart so that the wood could be used to make “antique” furniture.

The stŁa Carbonera, in Villa Quadrio, made of stone pine, was originally in Casa Carbonera. The wood paneling of the walls, darkened by a thick layer of paint, is composed of geometric frames in relief, reprised on the panels of the doors and cabinets. The ceiling features intaglio frames in circular and oval shapes.


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Via IV novembre 20, Sondrio at the Biblioteca Civica Pio Rajna

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The marble bust of Teresina Tua Quadrio

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