The good life in town

The good life in town

The first impression one has of Sondrio is that of a little Alpine city; orderly, clean and on a human scale.

Visitors immediately understand that they are in a special place: it’s no accident that Sondrio was among the top 10 cities chosen by a 2018 survey (Il Sole 24 Ore) on quality of life, and was also awarded the title of “Alpine City” in 2007.
Located in the heart of the Alps, it sits at the bottom of a valley delimited by the Rhaetian Alps and the Orobian Pre-Alps, which bless the city with spectacular colors and scents every Spring and Fall.
The heroic drywalled terraces embrace a town that is still in touch with its farming roots, a place to enjoy strong, generous wines and traditional dishes whose aromas recall the mountains.
The historic city center features the ancient seats of noble houses, churches and characteristic rural houses in stone, with wooden stairs and walkways, in the picturesque neighborhood of Scarpatetti.
To promote and valorize its natural and enogastronomic excellences, Sondrio hosts many events combining sports, culture and fine dining and wine.