10 things you definitely must do in Sondrio

10 things you definitely must do in Sondrio

It is the capital of the Valtellina, where the Alps meet vineyards and traditions with powerful emotions stirred by nature. Amidst old stŁe, the exploits of “Orlando Furioso”, local flavours, mountainside walks, trips by kayak

Madonna della Sassella

From downtown to the 16th century sanctuary via the ancient Via Valeriana. Vineyards and chapels. By foot or bike.

Via Scarpatetti

One of a kind architecture. Arcades, cobbled alleyways, stone walls, and wooden balconies. Destination: Castello Masegra.

Madonna dell’Uva

A stroll through small chapels dedicated to the cultivation of the vineyards in Valtellina.

Wooden StŁe

From Lavizzari Palace to Villa Quadrio. On the hunt for stŁa in ancient palaces, the heart of alpine houses for over 500 years. A breath of fresh pine.

Palazzo Sertoli

Trompe-l’oeil, a prospective game and stucco: the Salone dei Balli turns on the charm.

Castello Masegra

Court life from the great hall to painted rooms, and the tower. Paintings and scenes from “Orlando Furioso”.

Sentiero Valtellina

Over 100km of trails, perfect for an excursion along the Adda and Mera Rivers, “Rent a bike” stations included.

Via dei Terrazzamenti

From Morbegno to Tirano by Sondrio: 70 kilometers at high altitudes.
By foot or bike through nature and small villages.

Adda River

Active vacations start here.
Rafting, kayak, and hydrospeed.
The emotion and adrenaline of the river experienced firsthand.

Valtellina Wine Trail

Autumn’s big event: sport, culture,
and local flavours in a unique race through the vineyards.