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Wine Bike Tour 2 - Adrenaline

The proposed bike tour is a perfect combination of nature, art and sport. The panoramic itinerary that starts from Piazza Garibaldi then winds along the characteristic terraces of theRhaetian sideof the Valtellina, with suggestive panoramic views of the Adda river and the valley. Taking a detour along the slope that leads from Sondrio to Triasso, a15th-century sanctuarycan easily be reached, enjoying a breathtaking view of the city.

Along the way there are farmhouses and cellars where you can taste the typical dishes and wines of Valtellina.

For lovers of mountain sports, fun is guaranteed: inSassellathere is arocky cliffequipped with numerous routes dedicated to both beginners and more experienced climbers, a 15 meter long Tibetan bridge and a “Tyrolean gymnasium”. At the foot of the wall there is an educational area designed for beginners where you can experience the practice of climbing by learning how to use the equipment safely. Access to the gym, managed by the CAI section of Sondrio, is open to all.

Those who prefer water sports are advised to plan a stop in the area that goesfrom Stazzona to Castione Andevenno: along the river Adda it is possible to practicerafting, canoeing and hydrospeed. Navigating the river rapids surrounded by vineyards, castles, dense woods and ancient rural villages, you can experience the nature of Valtellina from a completely different, exciting and evocative point of view.

The final stretch of the route that leads back to the city center is almost completely flat and crosses the Bartesaghi Park, a green area of ​​about 20 hectares equipped with a refreshment bar in the center.


Length: 16.5 km
Time: 2-3 hours without stops

  • Asphalt terrain except for 1.7 km of dirt road that can be traveled with a common mountain bike
  • Difference in altitude 250 meters
  • Mainly on municipal roads with little traffic and cycle path
  • Suitable for moderately trained people

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Sondrio - Triasso - Castione Andevenno

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Climbing in Sassella - rafting, canoeing and hydrospeed along the Adda river

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A visit to the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Sassella

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