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Wine Bike Tour 3 - Nature

The proposed bike tour is the only one that winds exclusively on the Orobic side of the Valtellina, less sunny but full of panoramic views and unexpected beauties.

In the immediate vicinity of the route there are farmhouses, typical Valtellina restaurants and wineries where a stop is a must.

Designed for lovers of unspoiled nature, the itinerary crosses theBordighi forest, one of the seven nature reserves in the province of Sondrio.

Established in 1994 and with an extension of about 50 hectares, the reserve extends along the valley floor of the Adda river, near Sondrio. In this area very ancient and rare plant species grow and can be observed, which differ according to the proximity to the shore and therefore to the water available.

The paths traced inside the wood mostly take place on well-equipped and guided flat paths that will allow you to visit one of the very few strips of riparian woods left on the alluvial plain of the river, rich in fauna and tree diversity.

Like all protected areas, the Nature Reserve of the Bordighi forest also has an animal-symbol, chosen because it is one of the most abundant species, as well as being sighted with some ease: the great spotted woodpecker.


Length: 13 km
Time: 2-2 hours without stops

  • Asphalt ground except for 500 meters of dirt road that can be traveled with a common mountain bike
  • Difference in altitude: 200 meters, regular slope 6%
  • Mainly on municipal roads with little traffic and cycle path

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Sondrio - Albosaggia - Faedo - Montagna in Valtellina

We recommend
A visit to the city center with a stop to the wineries
Not to be missed
A walk on the paths of the Bordighi forest

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