Portico e Cappella dei Disciplini

In Chiuro there are the Portichetto and the Cappella dei Disciplini, a fascinating complex with precious sixteenth-century frescoes by Cipriano Valorsa and another painter from the previous century. On the back wall there is the striking majestic figure of Santa Marta, who is crushing the dragon and opening her arms to welcome under her mantle the white hooded brothers of the Disciplini order.

Definitely noteworthy, in the beautiful borough, are the noble houses in the Rusca and Borgofrancone streets (Cilichini house, Gatti house, Gandola Quadrio, Palazzo Quadrio de Maria Pontaschelli).

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Santo Stefano Quadrio Square - Chiuro
13 min. by car from Sondrio, along SS38

Not to be missed

A walk through the ancient streets of Chiuro

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