The Centro "Le Volte"

It is located in the wine cellars of the former Società Enologica Valtellinese [Valtellina Enological Society] and is the venue for eno-gastronomic events featuring local specialties.

The palazzo, built in 1872 and bordering on via Piazzi, via del Gesù and via Zara, once was the headquarters of the Enological Society and housed all the activities tied to the winemaking and marketing of wine from the Valtellina.

Inside the stone cellars was the world’s biggest wine barrel, named Noè, which was unfortunately dismantled in the ‘60s. After the breakup of the Enological Society in the ‘90s, the outer floors of the palazzo were converted to house offices of the regional government, while the wine cellars, which passed under municipal ownership, have been turned into a wine shop.
A visit to the tasting rooms in the ancient wine cellars.

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Via Zara 2 - Sondrio



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A visit to the tasting room inside the wine cellars

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