Palazzo Pretorio

An interesting building dating back to the fifteen hundreds, was the seat of the Pellegrini family of Valtellina and became the government palace and home of the Governor during the rule of the Grisons, was converted into a tribunal under Napoleon and the Austrians and finally the seat of city government after Italian independence. Although there are significant traces of the original structure, such as the sixteenth century entrance portal in a diamond ashlar pattern and the frescoed coats of arms of the Grisons governors in the entrance corridor, the elegance of today’s building is mostly due to an elaborate restructuring project designed to highlight historical elements, conceived in 1915 by Antonio Giussani, an engineer.

The graffiti decorations and frescoes on the exterior walls are inspired by local and Lombard renaissance architecture, with decorative motifs (coats of arms of the Visconti-Sforza families, emblems of the principal municipalities of the province, grotesques and scrolls in memory of the Valtellina’s most famous people) that are complex but well executed.

The interior courtyard is also elegant, with a portico and a double row of loggias (the second added by Giussani) and graffiti decorations that again evince the architect’s taste for the antique.

The second floor houses the spectacular Rigamonti stŁa, in renaissance style.


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