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The Sassi Gardens

The Sassi gardens, opposite the Museo Civico, were once part of the aristocratic palazzo.

Curiously, the gardens were located behind the palazzo, since the building faced north, on what is now via Lavizzari.

This little green oasis in the heart of Sondrio is made unique by the presence of important contemporary sculptures: bronzes by Rachele Bassi, Paola Ravasio and Dolores Previtali and a geometric, rationalist piece in iron, by Alessandro Cavazzani.

Four renowned persons (Carlo Donegani, Maurizio Quadrio, Giovanni Bertacchi and Ezio Vanoni), represented by four bronze statues, seem to observe the passers-by in silence.

The open-air museum continues eastward in the “Sculpture garden” of palazzo Sertoli, featuring several fine works in marble, bronze and steel.

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Via Maurizio Quadrio 27 - Sondrio
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