Bertacchi Square

Bertacchi large square opposite the railway station, exemplifies and illustrates to the gaze of those descending from the trains the elements that shape and characterize the entire city of Sondrio: water, stone and wood.

The piazza, recently refreshed and turned into a car-free zone, is embellished by fountains, stone pavements, trees and wooden benches. The piazza is narrow and elongated in shape, extending towards the center of town and inviting the visitor to walk in that direction.

The two main piazzas, Piazza Garibaldi and Piazza Campello, are only 500 meters from the station and can be reached on foot, following Corso Vittorio Veneto and Via XXV Aprile, respectively. A visit to the new indoor market on Saturday morning. A stroll along the ancient via Valeriana, from the center of town to the Sanctuary.


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Piazzale Bertacchi - Sondrio


Not to be missed

A visit to the new covered market on Saturday morning

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