The top level, on the third floor, is dedicated to the AMBIENTE NATURALE (NATURAL ENVIRONMENT).

The spotlight is on nature in the mountain habitat and environmental protection. What exactly is a wilderness? What are the special characteristics of high altitude habitats? Who were the founding fathers of the protected areas?

To answer these questions, the visitor begins his journey through a visual story of the birth of the protected areas, going into greater depth on some of the protagonists of the history of environmental protection, like the founders of the great parks in North America. From Yellowstone, the visitor will be whisked back to the protected areas in the province of Sondrio: a virtual tour of the various habitats and species that live in these mountains.
The castle hall that houses this scenario is ringed with windows, which provide a multiplicity of views, enriched by special “eyes” set outside. In the middle of the room, the three “lightrooms” offer perspectives on the protected areas of the Rhaeatian and Orobian Alps, with additional information and useful tips for those who on leaving CAST are immediately inspired to start out on a new nature trip.