The middle level, on the second floor, is dedicated to the history of† ALPINISMO (ALPINISM), and man’s irrepressible urge to scale the high mountains.

From the origins of interest in the peaks, dating back to the Enlightenment, to the Romantic myth of ascending into a hostile nature, to the golden age of the sixth grade ascents and the latest exploits on faces once thought impossible to climb.

A vertiginous journey in the Alps, on Himalayan behemoths and the Karakorum, on the Andean peaks in Patagonia, on the glaciers of Alaska and the Antarctic: the great feats, the books that told their stories, the films, the photos, the milestones in the history of mountain climbing.

Using a combination of different techniques and tools, visitors thus follow a “vertical” itinerary along the table-lectern that runs from one end to the other of the exhibition spaces on this floor.
A journey in crescendo, like a single great ascent, culminating in a tribute to three icons of the history of alpinism †and exploration, who for different reasons were also particularly tied to the mountains of the Valtellina.

Walter Bonatti, Alfonso Vinci and Carlo Mauri: there could be no better custodians of the spirit of CAST.