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Valmasino and Val di Mello

This valley is one of the ramifications of the Val Masino: a valley that splits off from the Valtellina in the proximity of the village of Ardenno and stretches northwards to the border with Switzerland. Important pages about hiking and bouldering have been written about this valley, its pristine woods and pastures and breathtaking granite walls.

A famous mecca for climbers, it offers numerous ascents and glacial erratics perfect for bouldering. Val di Mello is a haven for those who prefer climbing in contact with unspoiled nature. The undisputed realm of granite can be chosen as a starting point for exploring the neighboring valleys, like Preda Rossa, Masino and Bagni di Masino.

Far from mass tourism and appreciated by those who love nature, it is considered a genuine natural open air ethnographic museum, with its characteristic houses, stables and barns. Here you can attempt an ascent of the massive Sasso Remenno, the largest glacial erratic in Europe. This compact block of ghiandone granite is considered a rock climbing gymnasium, where you can take climbing lessons. It is perfect even for the little ones who want to learn this discipline.

Val di Mello: where the heart of rock climbers and bouldering enthusiasts beats.

  • Suitable for families with children
  • Experienced hikers
  • Bouldering enthusiasts

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Val di Mello
50 min. by car from Sondrio, along SS38 and SP9


Wheelchair - not accessible

Not to be missed

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