Valmalenco in summer time

Valmalenco, with its peaks that reach the sky, glaciers and woods that smell heavenly in spring and summer, is synonymous with hiking and nature walks, where excursionists can hear the voice of the mountains.

There are innumerable trails to follow for those who love to walk through pristine natural landscapes, admire the crystalline beauty of Alpine lakes, drink in the tranquility of the high altitude pastures or enjoy the typical conviviality of climbers’ huts.

There are an ample number of excursions to choose from, from those suitable for the entire family to those for more experienced hikers. And let’s not forget the cliff faces and rock walls that wait for climbers at Campo Moro, and a network of trails to the sites that made alpine climbing history: Pizzo Bernina, Monte Disgrazia, Pizzo Scalino, the Scerscen glacier.

Mountain bike enthusiasts can enjoy the stunning panoramas of the entire valley as they cycle along the high altitude trails, while cross country and free riding aficionados will enjoy the structures at the Palý Bike Park. The course of the Mallero torrent, which crosses through the entire valley, is particularly appreciated by canyoners.


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40 min. by car from Sondrio through SP15

Not to be missed

An adrenaline descent between the tracks of the Palý Bike Park
A walk to the Dams of Campo Moro or to the Scerscen Glacier
A visit to the Mineralogical Museum of Bagnada

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