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The mining and mineral ecomuseum in Bagnada

The mining and mineral ecomuseum in Bagnada consists of three structures: the shafts, the mining museum and the museum of mineralogy.

It took great effort to recover and restore the talcum mine, now inactive and safe for visitors to admire, but today it is an exceptional testimonial of man’s adaptation to the environment and is inextricably linked with the local area and its former communities.

A few kilometers from Lanzada is Torre di Santa Maria, a village with many fascinating attractions: of indubitable merit are the parish church of S. Maria, which contains a lovely “garbed Madonna”, an important example of the cult of garbed statues, and some notable buildings in the Art Nouveau style.

  • Suitable for families with children over 5 years

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Localitŗ Bagnada -† Lanzada
35 min. from Sondrio through SP 15

Opening time

The mine is open year round, but hours vary depending on the season.
By appointment, guided tours can be organized for groups of 10 or more.
Telephone +39 0342 453243


Visitors to the mine must be at least 5 years old


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