Valmalenco in winter time

Valmalenco, encircled by the majestic mountains of the Disgrazia, Bernina and Scalino groups, is the paradise of winter sports, offering great skiing in the heart of the Valtellina, just a few kilometers from Sondrio.

The complex has ski trails of all levels of difficulty and to suit every taste: from ski schools for kids and neophytes to trails for expert skiers. The trails guarantee vertical thrills, thanks to the lifts that reach up to the sky and a high-energy ski area, Palý Park, for dedicated boarders and freestylers.

Cross country skiers will not feel left out, either: there is a spectacular trail around Lake Palý, immersed in lush vegetation, that runs from San Giuseppe to Chiareggio and Lanzada and can be enjoyed to the fullest on a moonlit night. And it’s pure heaven for Alpine skiers and snowshoers, thanks to the beautiful natural landscapes and the silence and majesty of winter in the mountains.


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40 min. by car from Sondrio through SP15

Not to be missed

Enjoy your time at Palý Park
Experience the emotion of the cross country skiing under the moonlight of Lanzada

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