Mancapane Castle

Immersed in the vegetation at an altitude of about 900 meters, near the Davaglione torrent, stand the ruins of the tower of Mancapane (thirteenth century). A typical example of an Alpine walled castle – formed by two elements, the tower and the walls surrounding it – the castle of Mancapane is one of the most interesting fortifications of the early middle ages in Valtellina.

The castle’s main function was probably as a lookout point and signal tower, but if need be, it could also act as a defensive redoubt for a number of men and animals. There were parapets around the battlements, as can be seen by the traces left on the walls.

The elevated entranceways – through the walls and to the tower – were on the south side and were equipped with retractable wooden staircases. The tower’s embrasures, both slits and in the shape of a cross (for bows and crossbows, respectively) and facing in every direction, are still clearly visible. Its name may be derived from “Catapani”, a contraction of the aristocratic house of De Capitani.

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Near Benedetti Street - Montagna in Valtellina
16 min. by car from Sondrio, through Panoramica Street


Wheelchair - not accessible

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A walk along the Route of Terraces

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