Grumello Castle and Mancapane Castle circuit

A long trail leading to the ruins of two medieval castles near Sondrio. Starting off from Villa Quadrio, hikers follow the via Panoramica dei Castelli, in the direction of Montagna in Valtellina. The route passes by the monastery and comes to a sign on the right for Grumello Castle. The narrow lane leads right up to the rear of the fourteenth century twin castle of the De Piro family.

After visiting the castle and having passed the seventeenth century church of S. Antonio Abate, hikers can decide whether to return to Sondrio, following the track of the “risc de Sassėna,” which winds through the vineyards of Grumello and Inferno grapes until it reaches the hamlet of Trippi, or continue on northward to the tower of Mancapane. If one decides to continue, the route leads back to the via Panoramica dei Castelli, turns right onto it and turns left at the stoplight.

When the route arrives at the church of San Giorgio, it takes the right hand fork, following the signs for the Alpe Mara, passes the cemetery and, at the second switchback, turns onto a trail through the woods that leads to the Mazza and Ca Zoia mill and the morainic butte on which the tower of Mancapane stands.

The return trip to Sondrio passes through Ca Bongiascia, Ca Credaro, Madonnina and Colda.



  • Total route length: 10,5 km
  • Estimated travel time: 5 h
  • Suitable for families with children
  • Bike path/trail bikes

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Wheelchair - not accessible
Not to be missed

A visit to Castel Grumello




Brochure 10 passeggiate (only in Italian)
Cartina 10 passeggiate (only in Italian)
Tracciato GPX (only in Italian)

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