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Wine Bike Tour 5 - Hamlets

The proposed bike tour is a panoramic itinerary that winds along the terraces of the Rhaetian side of the Valtellina and enters the small and characteristic inhabited centers of thehamletsof Sondrio.

These settlements, where you can breathe a suggestive atmosphere that takes us back in time, have partly kept their original appearance unchanged with stone rural houses, wooden balconies, wash houses, fountains, ancient votive chapels and frescoes of popular sacred art .

Entering through mule tracks surrounded by vineyards, orchards and vegetable gardens, the itinerary hides unexpected beauties to be discovered: the fifteenth-centurychurch of San Bartolomeo, agiant potand acup-shaped boulder.

Two stops are to be planned: one to visit theSanctuary of the Madonna della Sassella, a building dating back to thefifteenth centurythat enjoys a breathtaking view of the city and, upon returning to the center of Sondrio, one to stroll through the alleys of the rural district ofScarpatettiand visit the preciousMVSA - Museum of History and Art of Valtellina.


Length: 19.5 km
Time: 2-3 hours, without stops

  • Asphalted ground, except 0.5 km of concrete road
  • Difference in altitude: 650 meters
  • Mainly on municipal roads with little traffic and cycle path
  • Suitable for trained people

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Sondrio - Triasso - Triangia - Sant’Anna

We recommend
A stop at the church of San Bartolomeo
Not to be missed
A visit to the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Sassella

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