Masso erratico and San Bartolomeo Church

The huge glacial erratic shaped like an irregular parallelepiped is a beautiful example of a prehistoric boulder-altar probably used for religious rites. The holes and canals chiseled into the rock are on the top of the boulder, on the side facing 12 noon, looking out over the valley below. There are 94 markings in all.

San Bartolomeo Church

The little church of San Bartolomeo, in the hamlet of Campoledro a Mossini, was built in 1413 entirely on naked rock, atop an imposing bluff overlooking Sondrio. The structure is simply designed, with a single nave and a prismatic apse facing east, a cottage faēade framed by two pillars, a modest portal with a stone architrave and, to the south, a small square bell tower inset into the walls. The interior contains frescoes of the Madonna on a throne, with the baby Jesus and saints in attendance. Just downhill from the church there is a rocky outcropping characterized by a large glacial mill with many potholes. The high number of potholes, their positions and the location of the site make this boulder one of the most interesting in all of the central Alps.

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Localitą Triangia
Localitą Campoledro a Mossini


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