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Wine Bike Tour 6 - History

The proposed Wine Bike Tour, winding along the steep rocky side of the mountain between vineyards, apple orchards and the traditionaldry stone wallsof the Rhaetian side, takes us to the discovery ofancient villages, buildings of great historical and artistic interest and countlesswinerieswhere you can taste the excellent wines of Valtellina .

For history and art lovers, a stop is a must atCastello de Piro al Grumello, a building built between the end of the 13th and the beginning of the 14th century, at thechurch complex of San Giorgio, where it is possible to admire Renaissance frescoes and paintings eighteenth century, and theChurch of San Fedele, guardian of ancient artifacts and a large Renaissance fresco. Continuing along the panoramic road it is also possible to visit theSanctuary of Tresivio, theHoly House.

Halfway through the route it is advisable to plan a refreshment stop in the historic centers ofPonte in ValtellinaandChiuro, two ancient villages that are symbols of Valtellina’s food and wine culture.
The first, characterized by stone buildings and large wooden doors, is considered one of the most evocative and fascinating of the entire province. The second, as well as for the beauty of the historic center, is famous for itsartisan traditionlinked to the processing of wood, iron and the characteristic “pezzotti” and hosts numerous andimportant wineries, so much so that it is considered the enological capital of Valtellina.

Upon returning, the itinerary winds along the Orobic side, following the course of the Adda river. Lovers of unspoiled nature should not miss the opportunity to visit theBordighi forest, one of the seven nature reserves in the province of Sondrio: it extends for 47 hectares between the municipalities ofAlbosaggia,FaedoandMontagna in Valtellinaand is one of the very few strips of riparian woods left on the alluvial plain of the river.


Length: 26 km
Time: half a day

  • Asphalted road
  • Difference in altitude: 400 meters
  • On a scenic provincial road, municipal roads with little traffic and cycle path
  • Suitable for trained people

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Sondrio - Montagna in Valtellina - Poggiridenti - Tresivio – Ponte in Valtellina – Chiuro – Carolo - Piateda - Faedo - Albosaggia

We recommend

A visit to the historic centers of Ponte in Valtellina and Chiuro
A walk in the Bordighi forest

Not to be missed

A visit to the Grumello Castle and the Church of San Giorgio

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