In the winter, a few kilometers from Sondrio, on the Orobian Alps or in Valmalenco, skiers find themselves immersed in a magical atmosphere, surrounded by fairy tale panoramas.

Valmalenco, with the ski complexes of Alpe Palý and Caspoggio, offers a full 60 km of trails for skiers of every level and style: from ski camps for children and beginners to challenging trails for more expert skiers, in addition to a high-energy ski area, Palý Park, for dedicated boarders and freestylers.

The ski area of Orobie, in Aprica, with over 50 km of trails, is a popular destination with both expert skiers and neophytes, because of its mild climate and exposure to the sun, but especially because it has trails of every level. There are challenging trails that snake through the woods at high altitudes, with great views, or there are easier trails leading from the top down to the houses of Aprica, ideal for those just learning the basics and enjoying the alpine landscape.


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Not to be missed

Ice skating in Lanzada or in the Aprica complex


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