Moving slowly over the snow, surrounded by the natural environment: a simple yet deeply satisfying sensation. Choose from a vast range of routes, just a few kilometers outside Sondrio, both on the Rhaetian side and to the south, where the paths climb gradually, through evergreen woods, along torrents and iced-over alpine lakes, past stone cottages and all the way to the foot of majestic peaks.

Snowshoe treks are really for everyone: you are completely free to choose the route and its length, without time limitations or any need for a ski lift. The silence, perhaps an encounter with an animal or a break in the clear sunlight, in a fairyland glade, are the rewards of the excursionist.

For an even more magical experience, the alpine guides of Valtellina organize night hikes under the moonlight.

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In Valtellina
Not to be missed

A snowshoe trek to Lago Palý by the light of the moon

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