Artisanal products: Humble swatches of fabric are transformed into colorful rugs with original patterns: the ‘pezzotti’ from Valtellina.

Pezzotti are colorful, sturdy rugs made by artisans from swatches and scraps of fabric woven on hand looms. An ancient art that is still passed down from one generation to the next in the most traditional villages, like Ponte in Valtellina. The pezzotti are transformed from simple cloths for daily use to refined and original design objects, much appreciated outside Valtellina as well.

Ollare stone, from plain rock to artisanal artworks

Ollare stone is an opaque green and can be worked easily. It is very heat-resistant and ideal for slow cooking, as was already common knowledge in Roman times. In fact, its name comes from the Latin "olla", meaning pot or container for oil. In the past it was used almost exclusively to make pots and containers, the best known of which are certinaly the "lavècc" (excellent for stews) and the "pioda" (a stone slab in ollare or serpentine for grilling meat). Today, traditional production has been joined by artisanal production of a more artistic bent: many artisans decorate it with hand-chiseled designs or sculpt it into refined decor objects.

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