A simple cuisine that exalts the genuine flavors of the mountains, all accompanied by excellent premium reds.


Broad buckwheat noodles cooked with pieces of potatoes and Savoy cabbage or chard and seasoned with low-fat cheese, butter and garlic. This dish is the standard bearer of Valtellina cuisine, and has accordingly been awarded the “Flag of taste” by Coldiretti, the farmers’ association.


Crispy round puffs filled with Casera cheese, usually served on a bed of chickory leaves.


A tipycal dish from the rural cuisine of Valtellina, made with potatoes, green beans, onions, butter and cheese.

Polenta taragna

A signature dish of mountain cuisine. Made with buckwheat flour mixed with corn meal, laced with butter and Casera cheese.


A large, flat griddle cake made with buckwheat flour and melted Casera cheese, this treat is typical of the area around Tirano.


The Alpine version of Panettone, this typical Valtellina cake is made using only local ingredients. Traditionally made only during the winter months and eaten during the Christmas festivities, the loaf is made with buckwheat flour and dried fruit, raisins, figs and honey.


A delicious Valtellina cake made with flour, sugar, butter and eggs, often served with raspberry or blueberry jam.


A specialty produced by salting beef and then drying it in the fresh mountain air. A PGI product that is tasty, light, low in fat and high in protein.


A traditional sweet made with communion wafers, honey and walnuts. In the old days, they were always made on religious occasions.


The best known and most highly prized of Valtellina’s PDO cheeses, it is produced only in the high altitude pastures, during the summer months. A stand-alone cheese, it stands out for its sweet, aromatic taste.


A highly regarded DOCG (Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin) wine, produced by letting the grapes wither for at least two months. It is dry on the palate, with a hint of passito.

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