The ring of Sassella and the wine cliffs

Starting from Piazza Cavour we cross the Mallero torrent and take via Romegialli. We continue on, first on via De Simoni and then on via Bassi, until we pass the church of the Rosary.
Here we cross the Valmalenco provincial road and take the route through the vineyards until we reach the road leading to Triasso; there we find signs that indicate the beginning of the path that leads down to the sanctuary of the Madonna della Sassella.
Once we have arrived at the sanctuary, on the opposite side of the parking lot in front of the church there is an unpaved, grassy lane leading up to the lower hairpin bend of the paved road that goes from Sondrio to Triasso. We follow the road downhill until we come to via Valeriana, which we follow all the way to the provincial road of Valmalenco.
Keeping straight on, we pass in front of the church of the Rosary and, turning to the right, we reach Viale Milano, which we take going back to the center of Sondrio.

  • Total route length: 8 km
  • Estimated travel time 2.5 h
  • Suitable for families with children
  • Bike path/trail bikes

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Sondrio and the hamlets
Wheelchair - not accessible
Not to be missed
A visit to the nearby Madonna della Sassella

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Brochure Le 10 passeggiate (only in Italian)
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